EnduroGP – GP of Greece – SUPERTEST

GP of Greece * Stage 1 * Partial Unofficial Classification SUPERTEST

An Impeccable Iberian Tour!

We take a look back at a hectic Iberian tour which tested the strength of both man and machine, with everything from sun and dust in Valpaços, to mud and rain in Santiago de Compostela…

Exemplary Organisation
This tour offered up some excellent organisation, starting with the Usprigozus Vilarandelo de Valpaços. They took on the challenge of hosting a world level race, despite only running national events in the past. Fernando REIS’ team prepared a fantastic Grand Prix, from both a sporting and logistics point of view. They provided everything to make the weekend run smoothly, as well as adding lots of extras for the fans to enjoy!

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Perfect Tour for ELLWOOD, REIS & KNIGHT!

The 2019 Iberian Tour was a tough one and the riders from the Champion Lubricants Enduro Open World Cup will be glad of a month’s break before the next round. The four days of racing in the last two weeks offered up some great fights and of the three different classes we now have two new leaders…

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MCCANNEY Takes Control!

The traditional Portugal – Spain ‘Iberian tour’ brought lots of surprises and two very different Champion Endure Tests. So it’s time for us to catch up with the standings in the Mika Ahola “Brave One” Trophy where there too, there’s a change of leadership…

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