WEBB Takes Over, HOARE Builds a Gap !

It was all change after the second round of the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship. While Junior maintains its round one leader, the SachsenArena in Riesa brought us a new leader in Prestige…

On a very tricky track, the reigning World Champion Cody WEBB (USA – KTM) performed excellently with two wins and one third place, giving him his first overall win of the season! He took advantage of the mistakes of his opponents Colton HAAKER (USA – Husqvarna) and Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL – KTM) to grab the 24MX Leader Plate… he is now 2 points ahead of the Pole and 8 ahead of his fellow Californian.

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KTM Clean Sweep: Cody Webb The New Leader!

The American rider, team-mate of the Round 1 victor Taddy BLAZUSIAK (POL-KTM), put on a spectacular show in an evening which was marred by the injury of Alfredo GOMEZ (ESP-HVA).

Cody WEBB Reminds Us Who’s The Reigning Champion.

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RIESA Ready for the SuperEnduro Show!

The season is now well and truly underway after a thrilling first round which saw Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL – KTM) victorious at home in Poland. Now, five days after the new year, the elite riders of World SuperEnduro will meet again to battle it out on Saturday, January 5 at the SachsenArena in Riesa.

Motorsportverein Riesa and the production company “Auerswald Eventmanufactur” are now experienced organisers. Indeed, this is the fifth year in a row that they have organised a round of the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship with the support of ADAC and the DMSB.

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Germany Secures a Round Until 2021!

Keen to present a strong calendar each season, ABC Communication has now signed a three-year contract with Auerswald Eventmanufaktur, guaranteeing a German SuperEnduro round until 2021…

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