Against “The Wall” !

EnduroGP has reached its well deserved “Summer Break” but, before going on vacation, let’s look back at what happened last weekend at the high-intensity Trentino Grand Prix in Pietramurata…

The Grand Prix of Trentino was very special in many ways, marking the first “Hard Enduro” race in the history of the championship, all taking place on a single day of racing with three different disciplines to tackle. A break of about two hours between each section allowed the riders to catch their breath and the mechanics to work on the motorcycles. During the evening break, ABC Communication organised an autograph session in front of its hospitality, which was very popular with fans, in addition to the cheerleading show. Alain & Bastien BLANCHARD also invited all the journalists present, and other championship stalwarts, to join them for a cocktail party.

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HOLCOMBE Untouchable !

“I’ve never seen so many pebbles in one special!” Confided Mathias BELLINO (F – Honda) the day after this very different and technical round 5. With this hard, rocky and narrow special test, it was the current leader of the Mika Ahola” Brave One “Trophy, Steve HOLCOMBE (GB – Beta) who dominated proceedings once again…

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SALVINI Superstar!

The first ever “Hard Enduro” Grand Prix in the history of the FIM Maxxis Enduro World Championship has just ended with the “dream scenario” of the tifosi (fans) at the Off Road Park of Pietramurata… a victory for Alex SALVINI (I – Husqvarna).

Before the joy of the podium, the stars of EnduroGP had to face a long day starting at 09:00 on the MXGP track, with three heats of motocross. The times were then carried over to the afternoon where the riders did four laps of the Enduro Test, with each run lasting more than 8 minutes! The day’s entertainment then ended with the famous Xtreme Test of Pietramurata also known as The Wall!

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“SALVO’s” Show!

That’s it! The Trentino GP is underway and in a beautiful way with a great atmosphere and the victory of local rider: Alex SALVINI (I – Husqvarna)!

A large audience from all over Italy but also from Sweden, Germany and France gathered tonight at 21:30 at the Off Road Park in Pietramurata to attend the 4th Akrapovic Super Test of the season.

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