ISDT 2020 Brioude, France

Presentation of the Vintage ISDT
(International Six Days Trails)
Event celebrated at Brioude
22nd-27th September 2020

1. The itinerary

The event will be based over five days, 3 of those with a maximum of 4hours 30 minutes riding on the same circuit (One lap only, including Time Controls (no more card as we are fitted with Transponder) and special tests, always at same places!
The last day making our way to a Motocross track, and then with classic starting line of 20-25 riders, for about 5-6 laps. No difficulties and quite moderate jumps…this will NOT be timed!

Day 1 Tuesday 22nd September 2020 (Afternoon): Welcome of the riders and their entourage/assistants, presentation of the event by the Brioude committee and the region representatives.

Day 2 Wednesday 23rd September 2020:
Morning: Rider’s Inscriptions and motorcycle scrutiny.
Then placed in “Park Fermé” at the Brioude Town Hall, photos and press interviews

Afternoon: Parade of the Riders by Nation in Brioude town 

Day 3 Thursday 24th September 2020
(SP means Special Test- CH means Time control)
Start at the Brioude Town Hall, SP1 Vermeuge, CH1 Vermeuge, CH2 not yet defined (Croix de Cronce, Ally) CH3 Lavoute-Chilhac, SP3 Brioude EREA, CH3 Brioude Town Hall, Acceleration Test at the College La Fayette, final CH back at the Brioude Town Hall

Day 4 Friday 25th September 2020
All reverse from previous day, with added Hill climb of Concrelorbe

Day 5 Saturday 26th September 2020
Same as day1, but late start to enable a “Nightfall Special Test” SP2

Day 6 Sunday 27th September 2020
Morning: Final Motocross on the SP2, with a 20 pilots Start (Depending their previous Scratches’ times) that will NOT be timed!

Afternoon: Award and prizes

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