GasGas ISDE Chile 2018 assistance and rental packages

GasGas offers two complete assistance and rental packages for its new GasGas EC 2019 models to participate in the International Six Days of Enduro taking place this year in Viña del Mar (Chile), from November 12th to 17th.

For another year GasGas reinforces its commitment with the most important international enduro event to offer two economical race assistance and rental packs for its new GasGas EC 250 and 300 models with exclusive Six Days Chile 2018 graphic design.

We offer 2 types of services:
1. ASSISTANCE SERVICE (€ 1,350, excluding VAT)
This option includes technical and mechanical assistance on the race days, from November 12th to 17th, as well as access to the Spare Parts Service.*

2. RENTAL SERVICE + ASSISTANCE (€ 3,940, excluding VAT)
Undoubtedly the most complete package for participation in the 2018 ISDE. It includes the rental of one of the new GasGas EC 250cc or 300 cc two-strokes (€ 2,590), registered and with insurance, in addition to the Mechanical and Technical Assistance Service specified in the previous point (€ 1,350).

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The Assistance Service does not include the price of spare parts or tires, the cost of which must be paid by the rider when purchasing them.

If you want to enjoy GasGas Assistance and Rental Packs in the ISDE Chile 2018, contact us via the e-mail:


Although they are still the same 649 riders previously published, we tell you that there were changes in the first list of pre-registered for the ISDE Viña del Mar 2018.

First, we must add 3 Czech riders in the club category and erase the 3 Guatemalans.
Then, a polish rider joined the club category, in addition to 3 Chileans also in club.

Holland, for its part, renounced the World Trophy, adding 6 riders in clubs.

Total :

79 World Trophy
30 Junior Trophy
27 Women Trophy
483 Men Club
3 Women Club
1 Individual
19 Vintage

Geen World Trophy Team naar ISDE 2018


KNMV vaardigt geen World Trophy Team af naar ISDE Chili 2018

Het KNMV bestuur heeft besloten om géén World Trophy Team (WTT) af te vaardigen naar het WK Enduro Zesdaagse (ISDE) in Chili 2018. De reden is dat niemand van de mogelijke WTT-rijders aan de gestelde selectiecriteria voldoet om als WTT redelijkerwijs een top-8 prestatie te kunnen realiseren.

Dit besluit is nu vervroegd genomen en niet zoals aangekondigd na de EK in Bacau (Roemenië) 19 en 20 mei aanstaande, omdat de minimum prestatienormen niet meer kunnen worden behaald.


A total of 647 preregistration, 19 of which belong to the Vintage category, is so far the

ISDE Viña de Mar 2018.

We say “so far”, since the Vintage could go up in number and the rest of the classes suffer some minor change.

The Teams accepted by country:

WORLD TROPHY (21 nations): Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Paraguay, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and Venezuela.

JUNIOR TROPHY (11): Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and USA.

WOMEN TROPHY (9): Argentina, Australia, Chile, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden and USA.

To this list we must add 480 club riders, 3 women club (chile) and 1 individual rider (South Africa).