EWC 2015: E3 Increased competition for PHILLIPS !

After the Enduro 1 and 2, let’s have a look today to the “big bikes” category (from 250cc 2 strokes to more than 250cc 4 strokes). Last year, Matthew PHILLIPS (AUS – KTM) has surprised everybody dominating the second part of the season and winning the E3 title but the competition is getting more intense in 2015…

The favorites

– Matthew PHILLIPS (AUS – KTM): After a long hesitation with the E2 class, the Australian is back in E3! Very first Junior World Champion to be crown just a year after in the Seniors class, the official KTM rider is the favorite for his own succession… His rise all along the 2014 year has impressed everybody and if he keeps the level he had during the last Grand Prix, he will be very tough to beat!
– Ivan CERVANTES (E – KTM): “Torito” was on the good way to win a fifth title last season until he injured himself to the ankle and his teammate PHILLIPS has decided to step up… Again injured during the off-season (shoulder), we don’t know how the Spanish will be physically. But if he is perfectly back, his thirst of title could bring him to the top in a season very important for the remainder of his career.
– Matti SEISTOLA (SF – Sherco): After a first season learning the category and his Sherco, finished with a nice 3rd rank, the Finn has announced: “Nothing but the title!” To do so, SEISTOLA has made a very serious and discreet off-season and he really wants to offer to himself a first title and also a first crown to Sherco!
– Mathias BELLINO (F – Husqvarna): In the fight for the podium, the 2012 Junior World Champion signed a convincing win in Sweden right before… an ACL injury during a round of the French Championship! Season ended, he couldn’t fight for the podium in Italy and France. But he finishes 4th and arrived this season with a thirst of revenge after 9 months without competition. Moreover, the French still remains one of the biggest prospects of the discipline.

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EWC 2015: E2 The Big Category !

Not so many changes this year in the « Big » category of the medium engines (250 2 strokes and 450 4 strokes) with only the departure of Lorenzo SANTOLINO (E – Sherco) in Enduro 1 and the arrival of Deny PHILIPPAERTS (I – Beta) and Loïc LARRIEU (F – Sherco) and also some young guns with long teeth. Once again, the E2 Class will be played between four great riders: Alex SALVINI (I – Honda) and the French trio Pierre-Alexandre RENET (HVA), Antoine MEO (KTM) and Johnny AUBERT (Beta)…

The favorites

– Pierre-Alexandre RENET (F – Husqvarna): The Champion put his title into play in this category he likes. But the French will to deal more than ever with his three rivals in order to win his third title. But he has to be careful not to fall into complacency as in 2013 after his first title…
– Alex SALVINI (I – Honda): The biggest Italian title hope wants to recover his property and has realized a very serious off-season… In rhythm during the three round of the Italian Championship, “Rocky” will start the season on a terrain, Talca (Chile), that bring him luck in the past. We hope that he is finally done with this bad luck to spoil him during the start of the 2014 season.
– Johnny AUBERT (F – Beta): For his second season with Beta, Fabrizio DINI and the entire Italian team have places a lot of hopes on the two times World Champion. Third last year, he will look to offer a first victory to the Tuscany firm and also to fight for the title while avoiding mechanics and physical troubles.
– Antoine MEO (F – KTM): We left the “Alligator” during the Grand Prix of Finland after a huge crash that ruined his title hopes! We find him back hungrier than ever, more challenger and well prepared… Over-dominating in the Assoluti d’Italia, MEO is looking to send a strong message to his rival and he will have to confirm it during the Grand Prix of Chile… RENET, SALVINI and AUBERT, have to beware, MEO, who’s also the rider delegate, is back!

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EWC 2015: E1 NAMBOTIN grand favorite ?

Next April 17th, the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship is back on track with the Grand Prix Acerbis of Chile that will be held in Talca, a city that the stars of the EWC know pretty well. Two weeks before the kick-off of this new season, let’s make a large overview of the different categories. Today, let’s go with the Enduro 1…

The favorites

– Christophe NAMBOTIN (F – KTM): ln 2014, the KTM official rider has cool off everyone who was thinking he couldn’t adapt quickly to the 250 EXC-F. Now, it’s the confirmation year for the French who will look for a fourth title in a row! But, contrarily to his rivals, this Grand Prix of Chile will be the very first race of NAMBOTIN… Will he find the way to dominate his rivals from the first GP?
– Eero REMES (SF – TM): Brilliant 2014 Vice-Champion, Eero REMES is back on his TM for the third consecutive year. And when we take a look to his first results in the Italian Championship, the Finn is already physical in good shape and will try to take an advantage of it in Talca… Only rider to beat NAMBOTIN last year, will he be finally a serious title contender?
– Cristobal GUERRERO (E – Yamaha): CG96 has made the buzz during the offseason, coming back to Yamaha after four years with KTM… After so much noise, the very first Junior World Champ’ will have to make great results. If the bad luck leave the Spaniard, he could be very dangerous in the handlebar of the brand new Yamaha 250 WRF of the Yamaha Miglio Yamalube team…

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EWC 2015: A lot of new talents!

After a rich season, it’s time to make a balance sheet of the 2014/2015 edition of the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship, class by class. And after the Prestige class on Tuesday, let’s have a look to the Junior class now…

They surprised

Manuel LETTENBICHLER (D – KTM): Youngest rider of the class, Andreas LETTENBICHLER son came discreetly in the SEWC… But he didn’t take to many times to show his talent! 4th in Poland, then he never get out of the podium (except in Latin America: absent) till France where he finished 2nd. Result: an excellent third rank for his first participation… For sure, he has a brilliant future!

Jack EDMONDSON (GB – KTM): Same thing for Paul EDMONDSON son… Arrived in SuperEnduro without making any noise, the Brit showed all his talent during the entire season and has signed a convincing 5th position for his first season. We could see the young EDMONDSON fighting for the podium next season!

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