2021 FIM ISDE declared open

The impressive Visconti Castle in the historic city of Pavia officially welcomed the global Enduro family to the 95th edition of the FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) on a glorious Saturday evening.

The vast courtyard of the castle built in 1360 was a fitting location for the opening ceremony of the oldest competition in the FIM calendar.

Respectfully observing the Covid-19 regulations in place, over six hundred and fid riders from over twenty five nations from around the World each took their place on centre stage, revelling in the chance to sing their national anthems, wave their flags and express that strong team spirit so important at the ISDE.

The spirit and atmosphere within the Gothic castle’s walls felt all the more prescient among the riders, teams, and so many involved in the organisation of this year’s event following its postponement in 2020 – having gone through so much more in the last eighteen months to arrive at this point, the anticipation, nerves and excitement were amplified.

The biggest noise of the night was naturally saved to last as the entire one and three strong Italian team arrived on stage to sing the Mameli anthem. Tradition dictates the ISDE opening ceremony is the point at which the silverware from the previous ISDE is returned and no doubt the host nation will be aiming to take some of it for themselves after the six long days ahead beginning on Monday.

FIM President Jorge Viegas extended a warm welcome to the Enduro family to the Lombardy and Piedemont regions: “We thank all the organisation behind this 95th edition of the biggest competition in our sport. We are mindful of all the additional efforts by the organising committee and the many involved after we were forced to wait an extra year to arrive here in Rivanazzano.”

“All of the riders from around the World must also be congratulated for all their efforts to be present in Italy in these still difficult times for international travel. Of course, we extend our thoughts to those nations like Australia who were unable to make that journey through reasons beyond their control.”

“This inspiring and historic location is the perfect place to officially declare the 95th edition of the FIM International Six Days of Enduro can begin.”

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