We are sorry to inform you that it will also not be possible to hold the Enduro European Championship race in Poland in June as planned.
The health regulations have prohibited all motorsport activities there still and the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle federation PZM (Polski Zwiazek Motorowy) decided to cancel the event.

Up to now we still have two more European-competitions in Czech Republic and the postponed event in Italy.

More information and schedules, results and links, there are always up to date and right on the official website:

Dates 2020
16th/17th of May Ber / Hungary (https://www.endurogp.hu/european-championship )
27th/28th of Juni Kielce / Poland (www.ktmnovi.pl)
7th-9th of August Plasy / Czech Republic (www.facebook.com/kpenduro.klub)
7th/8th of November Castel di Tora / Italy (www.italianoenduro.com/)

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