A Great Grand Finale!

The 2019 season has just ended on a high with a magnificent final round in Ambert, three years after the last finale was held in France. Let’s look back on this unforgettable weekend…

Super Organisation

Throughout the season, we have been lucky enough to create race weekends with brilliant and professional organisers and motoclubs, this 7th and final event did not disappoint, and President of the MC Livradois motoclub, Stéphane DURET, took into account not only the needs of riders, but also that of the spectators. The tests were well set out and close to the town of Ambert, as well as close to each other. There was also a gig with a live band, and a ‘freestyle trials’ show organised during the Super Test. An amazingly tricky route for the racers, a super atmosphere, and refreshments available at all strategic points, everything tied together for a fantastic race weekend! Congratulations to MC Livradois, who with the remarkable support of the city of Ambert, organised a fantastic final!

Crazy Fans

The MC Livradois were rewarded for their huge amount of work by the impressive number of spectators throughout the weekend! It started with nearly 5,000 people at the Friday night Akrapovic Super Test and it continued during the two days of racing. In the end, no less than 25,000 spectators were present throughout the weekend to attend the coronation of FREEMAN, LARRIEU, HOLCOMBE, MACDONALD and DANIELS…

KiSS Ambert

On the occasion of this Acerbis GP of France, MC Livradois joined the KiSS program set up by the FIM a few years ago. This final round of the season was therefore even more nature-friendly, and in response to the CO2 emissions created over the weekend’s race, Stéphane DURET and the Moto Club planted 4,000 trees on the hills above Ambert. Christophe NAMBOTIN (F – Gas Gas), John COLLINS (FIM), Christian DEJASSE (FIM), Vincent RIGAUDIAS (Vice President FFM) and Bastien BLANCHARD (ABC Communication) were all invited to participate in this great initiative.

Maxxis EnduroGP World Champion

Partner of the EnduroGP Championship since 2004, and a sponsors of the Beta Boano team for the last 4 years, tyre brand Maxxis have now won their first ever EnduroGP (overall) title through Brad FREEMAN (GB – Beta Boano). After the Junior title in 2017 and the E1 title in 2018, it seems that the collaboration between Maxxis and Team Boano is going very well, especially as this is also the first ever ‘supreme’ title for the team managed masterfully by Jarno BOANO!

Best Private Team

Since 2015, Franco MAYR has no longer been the Team Manager of the Honda RedMoto team and, rather than leaving his passion for enduro behind, Franco has been busily managing his private team structure. Since making this decision he has brought Ruy BARBOSA (CL – Husqvarna) to the 125cc Youth title in 2018 and “revived” Alex SALVINI (I – Honda)’s career. His team had another solid season this year with a top three in Junior 2 with BARBOSA, and numerous Enduro 2 podiums through Giacomo REDONDI (I – Husqvarna) and Joe WOOTTON (GB – Husqvarna).

Back to School!

Last Friday, Matteo CAVALLO (I – Sherco) and Alex SALVINI (I – Honda) were asked to return to school to share their stories with the students from the Jules Romains college. The pupils were able to ask questions of our two stars during their English class, and learn a little more about the lives of professional riders. Another superb initiative from MC Livradois, who sought to involve the entire community in this season finale. The club also organised a ‘family photo’ with all the riders outside the famous round town hall in Ambert.

Constructers World Champions

On the manufacturers’ side, Beta won EnduroGP, Enduro 3, and Enduro 1 with Brad FREEMAN and Steve HOLCOMBE (GB). Over in Enduro 2 the result went down to the wire and it was Loïc LARRIEU (F – TM) who won the crown at the expense of SALVINI. But despite this, it is not TM Racing that leaves with constructers’ title in the class, but instead Honda RedMoto who in addition to SALVINI was able to garner big points through Christophe CHARLIER (F)! A nice reward for the team managed by Matteo BOFFELLI, who has only just started running his team at the beginning of 2019.

Privateer of the Year

As with every season, the honorary title of “Best Privateer Rider of the Year” is given out at the end-of-season awards ceremony. This year it is the Spaniard Kirian MIRABET (E – Honda) who takes the ‘crown’, following on from Anthony GESLIN (F – Beta) last year, and Antoine BASSET (F – Husqvarna) in 2017. The Honda rider has had a solid season, finishing 5th in the Enduro 1 class and closing 2019 with a Top 15 in EnduroGP!

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