Celebrating 30 Years of World Enduro Championship in Style!

From 1990 to 2019… this current season is the thirtieth edition of the FIM Enduro World Championship! On the occasion of the legendary Valli Bergamasche, ABC Communication decided, with the help of Franco ACERBIS, to gather about thirty ex-riders who are legends of the sport to take part in a special race after the Akrapovic Super Test. And it went down a storm…

No fewer than 56 world titles were among the legends in the paddock for this Acerbis GP of Italy. And 36 of these participated in the “Legends Race” on Friday night where ABC Communication, with the help of Daniele MADRIGALI, had organised a knock out head-to-head battle on the Super Test track.

Nani ROMA (E), Giorgio GRASSO (I), Chicco MURAGLIA (I), Joakim JOHANSSON (S), Alessio PAOLI (I), Mario RINALDI (I), Anders ERIKSSON (S), Paul EDMONDSON (GB), Alfons HOEVERS (NL), Cyril ESQUIROL (F), Tulio PELLEGRINELLI (I), Gionni FOSSATI (I), Matteo RUBIN (I), Gian Marco ROSSI (I), Angelo SIGNORELLI (I), Fausto SCOVOLO (I), Giuseppe GALLINO (I), Alessandro BOTTURI (I) and Didier TIRARD (F), all showed that they still have plenty of pace and finesse, but it was Ivan CERVANTES (E) who won this spectacular race after a magnificent duel with a Jarno BOANO (I)!

Friday’s protagonists were joined by Jeff NILSON (S), Gio SALA (I), Gilles ALGAY (F), Vesa KYTÖNEN (SF), Eric BERNARD (F), Christophe NAMBOTIN (F) and Roman MICHALIK (CZ) the next evening for an exceptional meal and souvenir t-shirts gifted to them by Mr. ACERBIS, while Giovanni COPPIOLI (FIM Representative and President), Tony SKILLINGTON (FIM CEO), Fabio MUNER (FIM Marketing Manager) and Franco ACERBIS blew out the candles on the cake to represent 30 amazing seasons of the FIM Enduro World Championship!

The fans and current riders absolutely loved the “Legends Race”, and the ‘golden oldies’ rode with almost all of the same passion and speed that once allowed them to write the pages of the history books. The race and the special dinner were a wonderful chance to exchange stories, reminisce, and reunite with old friends. You can take the rider out of Enduro, but you can’t take Enduro out of the rider!

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