“My Year in the USA brought me a lot of confidence!”

Few weeks after the Iberian Tour, we’ve decided to chat with Giacomo REDONDI (I – Husqvarna). After a year in the USA, the 2016 Junior World Champion has signed three podiums and a first career win in E2 Class after three rounds. We had to talk about this good start of season and his life in the USA last year…

Hello Giacomo, good to have you back with us. First of all, how much did you want to be back in EnduroGP?
Giacomo REDONDI: “Hi! I’m really happy to be back racing EnduroGP against the best riders! After I realize one of my biggest dream last year in the US, I’ve decided to change my goal for 2019. I really wanted to come back in EnduroGP and fight for the top spots there in GP and E2 classes.”

It’s been a good tour for you with two podiums and a victory. Did you expect that?
G.R: “I’ve worked really hard this winter to be 100% ready for this new season. In the first round in Germany, we were a little bit unlucky so I didn’t change anything in my preparation and continue to work hard and it worked perfectly as I climbed on the podium in Portugal and then won my very first day in Spain. We still need to work hard and see what’s going to happen in this E2 Class full of big talents.”

What was your feeling after the last Maxxis Cross Test, knowing you secured your first ever victory on a Senior Class?
G.R: “I wasn’t really thinking about the E2 victory but I was super happy to clinched the three Maxxis Cross Test of the day. After the Xtreme Test, I celebrated this victory with all my team. I really hope it’s the first one of many more.”

You had a great year in USA in 2018. Why did you choose to go there and race the WORCS series?
G.R: “After my 6th place in EnduroGP in 2017, the offers that I had wasn’t really interesting in compare to my results. So I decided to realize my dream and to go in America and race there. I really wanted to stay in California, that’s why I decided to race the WORCS series. I was super proud to become a pro WORCS champion. I was proud of me as I have only a “home” team there with my mum and two friends and we fought for the title against a lot of factory team. We were working to achieve this goal from Day 1!”

“It would be amazing to win the Italian GP!”

What do you think it brings to your riding style but also personally?
G.R: “It brought me a lot of confidence in my possibilities and talent. I think I improved a lot on my riding style and now I want to work on this to take another level. Every year, the level in EnduroGP is improving so quickly so I have to keep this pace to stay competitive!”

Despite this, you were still racing with Honda Redmoto in Europe. Why did you choose to change and work with Franco MAYR and his JET Racing team?
G.R: “I was really satisfied with my KTM in the USA so I decided to take a pretty similar ride for the EnduroGP. I’ve chosen Franco and his team because I really believe in them and they had everything to help to reach my goal. And we did it already with three podiums. We are working really good together and I think it’s the best choice I could take.”

What is your best memories in the Enduro World Championship?
G.R: “My best memories is Finland 2012 where I took the 5th place overall on Day 2 with the 125cc. When I was comparing with the E1 Class, I finished 2nd behind Simone ALBERGONI (I) and in front of Antoine MEO (F). This one is my best memory ever.”
10 years after your Enduro debuts in Lovere, you’ll be back to the Valli Bergamasche next month. Will it give you more pressure to be the home favorite?
G.R: “It will be amazing to score podiums and maybe clinch the victory in the Italian GP! This is my goal at each round so I will not get more pressure but I’m super pumped to be doing what I love in my country, very close to where I live, in front of my home crowd and in a spot well-known in the Enduro history. I hope and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of spectators and fan there.”

You are standing 3rd in E2 Class after three GP’s, what’s your plan now?
G.R: “There is no plan for this year. As I told you before, this E2 Class is really crazy! I started the season with a DNF and now I’m 3rd but we have to continue to push as there are a lot of riders capable to win. You can win a day and then finish 5th or 6th the day after so we have to keep working with the team and try to do my best. We’ll see race by race how it goes and see what happens at the end of the year!”

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