Thomas OLDRATI Takes the Lead of the Akrapovic Super Test Award!

One week after a fantastic GP of Portugal the riders of the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship are already back on their bike for the 3rd round of the season for the Spanish GP in Santiago de Compostela. Weather forecast are quite different than last week in Valpaços. Torrential rain have been falling all week long over Galicia The test are slippery and tricky.

In those difficult conditions Thomas OLDRATI (ITA-Honda) has found the way to win his 1st Akrapovic Super Test of the year. The Honda Redmoto rider is the only to break the 2’17 barrier (2’16.89). This great perf allows him to take the lead of the Akrapovic Super Test Award.

OLDRATI gets the win from another Italian: Alex SALVINI (Honda). Rocky passed the line just half a second slower than his fellow compatriot. Enric FRANCISCO (ESP-KTM) was the 1st Junior and P3 of the Super Test. This precious result will boost his self confidence for his home GP.

P6 and P7 of the Super Test is the duo of Steve HOLCOMBE (GBR-Beta) and Brad FREEMAN (GBR-Beta) only separated by a 10th of a second. That difference is psychologically important, FREEMAN is already on the tail of his elder compatriot.

Ruy BARBOSA (CHL-Husqvarna) was the 2nd Junior to come and play among the top guns. The Chilean was P5 only a Second ½ away from the winner.

In the Youth 125cc class, Nathan BERERD (FRA-Husqvarna) got the best time from Alejandro NAVARRO (ESP-Husqvarna) and Dan MUNDELL (GBR- Sherco). Hamish MCDONALD (NZL-Sherco) will start tomorrow 13 seconds behind the leader. In trouble with his saddle at the start of the Super Test, the Kiwi got out of the win very quickly.

David KNIGHT (GBR-TM) was the fastest of the Open Cup in with a 2’19.49.

Join Us tomorrow from 9.00AM for the start of GP of Spain who promise to be very fascinating.

Provisional Classification: 1. Thomas OLDRATI 26 pts ; 2. Steve HOLCOMBE 21pts; 3. Alex SALVINI 17 pts; 4. Matteo CAVALLO 16pts; 4. Wil RUPRECHT 16pts; 6. Danny MCCANNEY 12pts; 7. Benjamin HERRERA 11pts; 8. Loïc LARRIEU 9pts; 8. Brad FREEMAN 9pts; 10. Enric FRANCISCO 8pts…

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