Steve HOLCOMBE Already in the Lead !

This is a very spectacular test that has been drawn by The Usprigozus Vilarandelo club, run by Fernando REIS and the FMP. Many passionate spectators have join to celebrate the start of the 2019 race of Portugal.

This the official Beta Rider Steve HOLCOMBE (GBR-Beta) with a 1’23.66 that wins the Akrapovic Super Test of the day. Not like in the German, the best time has been set in the last duel of the day. HOLCOMBE wins from Matteo CAVALLO (ITA-Sherco) 1’23.82 and Thomas OLDRATI (ITA-Honda) 1’24.07. Alex SALVINI (ITA-Honda) has been leading for a while but the Italian rider ends up with the 4th best mark of the night. This Akrapovic Super Test was very intense and is very promising for the Portuguese GP.

In the Junior Class, Wil RUPRECHT (AUS-Yamaha) did not do it twice in a row but he can be pleased with the best time his class. Behind him are his two best enemies Andrea VERONA (ITA-TM) and Ruy BARBOSA (CHL-Husqvarna).

Hamish MAC DONALD (NZL-Sherco) wins the Youth class with a fast 1’26.10. He is in the lead in front of Nathan BERERD (FRA-Husqvarna) and Matteo PAVONI (ITA-Beta).

In the Enduro Open World Cup, David KNIGHT (GBR-TM) is the reference (1’28.59) ot far behind him are Joao LOURENCO (PRT-Beta) and Thomas ELLWOOD (GBR-Kawasaki).

In the classification of the Akrapovic Super Test, 3 men are in the lead with exact same number of points: Steve HOLCOMBE, Thomas OLDRATI and Wil RUPRECHT are all in the lead with 16 units.

Provisional classification: 1. Steve HOLCOMBE 16pts ; 1. Wil RUPRECHT 16pts; 1. Thomas OLDRATI 16pts; 4. Benjamin HERRERA 10pts; 4. Danny MCCANNEY 10pts; 6. Matteo CAVALLO 9pts; 7. Alex SALVINI 7pts; 8. Loïc LARRIEU 6pts; 9. Andrea VERONA 5pts; 9. Brad FREEMAN 5pts; 9. Kirian MIRABET 5pts; 12. Hamish MACDONALD 4pts…

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