WEBB Wins the 6th Edition of the Akrapovic Super Pole!

The spectacular 2019 season finale also brought the spectators another exciting battle in the Super Pole powered by Akrapovic at the Bizkaia Arena in Bilbao. And as in Budapest (Hungary), no-one could touch the time set by Cody WEBB (USA – KTM)…

With a time of 40”808, WEBB took his third victory of the season in the Akrapovic Super Pole, racking up the most wins also meant he was awarded with a cheque worth 1,500€ from the Slovenian exhaust manufacturer for the second time in his career, having previously won this crown in 2016.

Colton HAAKER (USA – Husqvarna) who, coming into Bilbao, was the only one able to steal the Akrapovic Super Pole trophy from WEBB’s grasp, had no answer for his rival and he conceded 0.764 of a second to the factory KTM rider (41”572).
However, the Californian still finished second in the Basque Super Pole in front of Poland’s Taddy BLAZUSIAK (KTM – 42”098)…

Bastien BLANCHARD (ABC Communication) handed Cody WEBB the 1500€ cheque offered by Akrapovic Exhaust in the Bizkaia Arena on Saturday night.

Undoubtedly, the Super Pole powered by Akrapovic has, for the sixth year in a row, been a great success! Riders and fans alike really enjoy this fierce battle for the “best lap time”, and it’s now an essential part of the SuperEnduro show!

Final Classification : 1. Cody WEBB 13pts; 2. Colton HAAKER 10pts; 3. Taddy BLAZUSIAK 6pts; 4. Pol TARRES 1pts…

Winners of the Super Pole powered by Akrapovic:
2014: Taddy BLAZUSIAK
2015: Jonny WALKER
2016: Cody WEBB
2017: Jonny WALKER
2018: Jonny WALKER
2019: Cody WEBB

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