A Suprised Signed: Wil RUPRECHT !

The 1st Akrapovic Super Test of the FIM Maxxis World Enduro Championship has been raced in front of a crowd of 2500 fans. The MSC Dahlen has accomplished a great work to give all the riders a very long and technical test.

With a 2’16”06, the Junior rider Wil RUPRECHT (AUS-Yamaha) signs the top performance of the day in front of all the best Enduro specialists. The Australian is joined on the podium by the Beta Factory rider Benjamin HERRERA (CHI-Beta) who signs his return in Enduro GP with great talent with a stunning 2’17”29. He is 5 tenth faster than the Honda Redmoto rider Thomas OLDRATI (ITA-Honda) 2’17”84. The italian tops Danny MCCANNEY (GBR-TM) 3rd in EnduroGP with a 2’17”96.

RUPRECHT wins the Junior class from Andrea VERONA (ITA-TM) 2’21”07 and Enric FRANCISCO (ESP-KTM) 2’22”18.

The Youth class goes to Hamish MACDONALD (NZ-Sherco) 2’20”99 from Matteo PAVONI (ITA-Beta) 2’23”48 and Nathan BERERD (FRA- Husqvarna).

The Akrapovic Super Test is now part of the 1st day of racing, top 18 will start with a 10 seconds gap between all the riders. Wil RUPRECHT is the 1st leader of the Akrapovic Super Test Award.

Provisional Standing: 1. Wil RUPRECHT 10pts ; 2. Benjamin HERRERA 9pts; 3. Thomas OLDRATI 8pts; 4. Daniel MCCANNEY 7pts; 5. Steve HOLCOMBE 6pts; 6. Kirian MIRABET 5pts; 7. Hamish MACDONALD 4pts; 8. Andrea VERONA 3pts; 9. Loïc LARRIEU 2pts; 10. Alex SALVINI 1pts…

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