“I thought it was time to walk alone !”

Just a week before the start of a new season, we caught up with 2018 Junior World Champion Matteo CAVALLO (I – Sherco). The Italian tells us why he decided to sign with the Sherco CH Racing team and what are his expectation for his first year with the big boys…

Hello Matteo, we’re just a week away from the start of the season, how went your off-season?
Matteo CAVALLO: “Hello, thank you. The off-season was good so far, I trained a lot in good company with Alex SALVINI and Chilean rider Ruy BARBOSA in Spain.”

This year, everything’s new for you, starting with the category… How do you think you’ll handle your first year with the big boys of the EnduroGP?
M.C: “Indeed, everything is new for me this year: bike, team and opponents. My goal for this year is to reach the podium in my new class and do my best to do a good first season in the senior class.”

After three seasons with Beta Boano, you signed this winter with the Sherco CH Racing team. Why?
M.C: “CH Racing team gave me the possibility to grow up in the Enduro World as a professional rider, even if Beta Boano Racing was a good team and it was like a family for me. I can’t thank enough Jarno BOANO for the help he gave me in the first years of this experience but I thought it was time to walk alone.”

“I hope to be fast this year to give Brad a challenge.”

Did you try several bikes with Sherco or your first choice was the 250?
M.C: “No! When I decided to change team, I really wanted to race with a 4 stroke, especially the 250.”

What is your first impression of your new team and its team manager Fabrizio AZZALIN?
M.C: “Last weekend we made our first race at the Italian championship together and the relationship with the team and Fabrizio was really good. All the guys have a lot of experience in the Enduro world championship and they are really passionate.”

It will be a special feeling to face one of your best friends in the paddock, Brad FREEMAN, in E1?
M.C: “Between Brad and me, nothing has changed! We still continue to train together but I hope to be fast this year to give him a challenge.”

What’s your goals for this very first season in EnduroGP?
M.C: “In this moment I’m not really focused on the EnduroGP class… I’m excited to race with the big boys but I want to make experience race by race and fight for a podium position in E1.”

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