“I Didn’t Have Any Close Rivals !”

Few weeks after the Hungarian GP held in the Papp Laszlo Sportarena of Budapest, we catch up with newly crowned 2019 Junior World Cup winner, William HOARE (GB – Husqvarna)…

Hello William, few weeks after Hungary, did you have time to celebrate this Junior crown?
William HOARE: “Yes I got back Sunday morning and had all day to reflect over Saturday night and how it went. Then, the following Thursday me, all my family and friends went out for a meal to celebrate my win.”

You’ve been racing in SuperEnduro for a while now, did you think you had a shot to the World title at the beginning of the season?
W.H: “Yes I have been racing SuperEnduro for a couple of seasons now and I knew from the last season my riding has improved with doing more racing over the summer time and training off the bike. I didn’t really know where to place myself at the start of the season because all the other riders have improved also but after Poland winning all three races, it gave me a big confidence boost which also has improved my overall riding.”

Who’s been your biggest rival through the season?
W.H: “I didn’t have any close rivals through the season… I took the point lead from the first round and kept extending it every race but APOLLE and David CYPRIAN have beat me in some finals so they were up there too.”

“This summer, I need to work on my speed to get ready for the move up.”

Coming to Budapest, did you believe you could end the job or you might have to wait the final round in Bilbao?
W.H: “Coming into Budapest I had a decent point lead so I wasn’t really coming to wrap the title up. I just wanted to come and win the event and if I had to wrap the title up in Bilbao that was fine… In my head I knew I needed two good rounds and the title was mine.”

What was your favorite track of the season?
W.H: “My favourite track this season was definitely Budapest. It had some technical sections and fast sections also. And the start was the best by far! It didn’t go straight into a hard section so not as much stopping.”

What’s your plan for 2020 now as you’ll be fighting with the big boys of the Prestige Class?
W.H: “I have already been thinking about next season riding in the Prestige class… I’m hopefully going to be riding a 4 Stoke and over the summer time I’m going to be fitting as many fast races as possible I need to work on my speed to get ready for the move up. For the last round I will be racing in the Prestige class so this will give me something to work from.”

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