A Crazy Night !

Just like previous years in Malaga, this latest Spanish round – which took place at the Caja Magica in Madrid – marked a turning point in the 2019 championship with six spectacular races and a change of leadership in Prestige. Let’s look back at a completely ‘loca’ GP…

10 Year Challenge…
We had the honour of welcoming Ivan CERVANTES (E), 2009 World Champion, back to the fold in Madrid. And it’s now 10 years since “Torito” was crowned in SuperEnduro! Officially, CERVANTES was present in Madrid as a delegate for the Spanish Federation, but when the commentator announced his presence, the Spaniard received a standing ovation and lots of cheers from the 6,000 spectators. This third round had also the honor to welcome last Spanish star couple of the last Dakar Sara GARCIA & Javier VEGA PUERTA.

National Class
As in Germany, the National/European category of this third round was full of different nationalities, from Marcel TEUCHER (D – KTM) and Eddie FINDLING (D – Gas Gas) to John NYSTRÖM (S – Husqvarna) and Tom KNIGHT (GB – Gas Gas)…
This time, it was Germany’s TEUCHER who pulled a small gap on KNIGHT, despite the Brit’s continued progress. Spaniard Manuel GOMEZ MARTINEZ (E – TM) snatched the last step of the podium at the expense of Alfredo GOMEZ’s sister, Sandra.

What a Comeback!
Just two days before the race, Alfredo GOMEZ (E – Husqvarna) announced via his social networks that he would be behind the starting grid for his home GP. He confessed to being only 70% fit, but he was still aiming for the Top 5! In the end, the Madrileño was boosted by the Spanish supporters and he eventually took 3rd step on the podium, after drawing level with Pol TARRES (E – Husqvarna). GOMEZ kept consistent all evening long, despite his injury, and was also able to take advantage of the setbacks of BLAZUSIAK and WEBB. An impressive performance!

Scott Best Lap
After Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL – KTM) in Poland and Colton HAAKER (USA – Husqvarna) in Germany, it was Cody WEBB (USA – KTM) who took the Scott Best Lap in the Prestige category with a time of 00’39.372. Ironically, he set this hot lap just before his chain broke, ending all chance of an overall victory! Meanwhile, In Junior, William HOARE (GB – Husqvarna) made it a hat-trick, taking his third Scott Best Lap in a row with a time of 00’43.731.

Czech Mate
David CYPRIAN became the first Czech rider to enter into SuperEnduro back in 2017. And after a year off, the youngster is back in business and impressing onlookers. Currently third in the provisional Junior rankings, CYPRIAN grabbed his first race victory on Saturday night in Madrid, enjoying a very good start in the reverse grid race. The 21-year-old has the means to fight for the vice champion spot, and take advantage of the slightest slip up for HOARE or APOLLE to get closer to the crown. Let’s keep an eye out for him next week in Budapest.

Presidential Visit
In addition to the visiting Enduro legend, Ivan CERVANTES, this Spanish Grand Prix also had the honour of welcoming the President of the Spanish Federation (RFME), Mr. Manuel CASADO, his Vice-President M. Jose Ramon GARCIA, and the Secretary General Mr. Rafael NUNEZ. Therefore, William HOARE and Colton HAAKER, winners of the evening in their respective categories, were very pleased to receive their trophies from the RFME President.

The BLAZUSIAK Imbroglio
It was one of the most powerful images from Spanish Grand Prix; the crash between BLAZUSIAK and HAAKER just before the finish line during the second race. In fact, the video of this terrifying moment has been very popular across social media! And we have had a lot of feedback asking why the six-time World Champion was disqualified from the race… The answer is simple; he failed to cross the finish line. In a somewhat cruel twist of fate, his bike “bounced” off the finish arch and fell short of the line. Whereas HAAKER’s bike went over the finish line. In accordance with FIM regulations, the front wheel must cross the finish line for a rider to be classified. Unfortunately, in this case, no part of the Pole’s bike ‘broke the timing beam’. That’s why HAAKER took 3rd place while BLAZUSIAK received a DNF. What a shake up in the championship!

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