Dahlen Ready for the EnduroGP Challenge!

After 12 years without a German Grand Prix in the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship calendar, the 2019 season will begin with a third German round in three years!

Contacted by Alain BLANCHARD (ABC Communication) and Heinrich SCHMIDT (FIM) during the final in Rüdersdorf last October, the MSV Dahlen and its president Lars SCHOLZ confirmed their intention to organise a round of EnduroGP during the legendary ‘Rund Um Dahlen’ race – which is turning 60!
On the occasion of the SuperEnduro Grand Prix which took place in Riesa in Germany, Alain BLANCHARD was able to visit the facilities and the different places where the race will be organised…

Alain BLANCHARD: “After having seen all the facilities and the local terrain, I am convinced that we will have a very demanding race and a season opener worthy of our international championship!”

Lars SCHOLZ, President of MSV Dahlen: “All the clubs in the region are helping us and are ready to provide us with the number of volunteers we need. In addition, the region is very conducive to Enduro. For the event to be a success, we will need the help of everyone here but I firmly believe that we will have a beautiful enduro weekend and that will be coupled with our 60th edition ‘Rund um Dahlen’ celebrations in a very nice way!”

After hosting the 2018 final, Germany will welcome the opening of the 2019 season through the highly motivated MSV Dahlen, which has helped to solidify the current trend of a German round in the EnduroGP calendar…

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