“Proud to be the First Latin-American to be World Champion!”

First Latin-American to be titled Enduro World Champion, we had an interesting talk with 2018 Youth 125cc Champion Ruy BARBOSA (CL – Husqvarna) about the difficulties he had to leave his country to follow his dreams…

What a year it was for you Ruy! A dream came true?
Ruy BARBOSA: “Yes! That’s a dream come true! It was a difficult year but I finally get this title I was looking for since my childhood! Now I’m a World Champion, that’s incredible! I’m proud of what I have done this season!”

You are entering the history as the very first Chilean to win a World Enduro title. What does it represent for you?
R.B: “I’m so proud to be the very first Chilean to win an Enduro World Championship! What gets me prouder is the fact that I’m the first Latin-American rider to be World Champion in this sport! What I’ve done shows to everybody there that everything is possible and you never have to stop fighting and working for the dream you have!”

Chilean President and Sport Minister left you a message on their social medias right after your title. How big the impact of this victory has been in your country?
R.B: “I was really surprised and proud to receive a message from the Chilean President. In our country, everybody is speaking, eating and sleeping football that’s why I was really surprised he was aware about my title in Enduro! But his reaction is very positive for the discipline and all the fans of Enduro in Chile. I hope that it will help to develop this very nice sport in the future!”

“This title deserves all the sacrifice I did!”

Wasn’t it too difficult, 3 years ago, to leave your family and your country, to come to Europe and compete in the Enduro World Championship?
R.B: “Of course, it was really really difficult to leave my family, my friends and my life in Chile but I did it to follow my dream! I had to change all my life as the culture are really different between Chile and Europe… But, after three seasons, I’ve finally realized my dream of becoming a World Champion. This title deserves all the sacrifice I did! I’m confident, I can win more World titles in the future so I’m still not planning to return to Chile in the next years. I want to continue this dream!”

Next season, you will be fighting with the fastest rider of the Junior Class… What will be your expectations?
R.B: “Next season will be a different experience in Juniors. I still don’t know which bike and which team will I ride with… Nothing is sure right now but my goal is to fight for the podium of the overall class. I know I can do it if I stay focus and I keep learning and training.”

There is a chance we will not see you with the JET Racing team?
R.B: “During the Six Days, I will know with which team I’ll be racing next year! But, from my side, I would love to work with the JET Racing team again for the next season. This season has been great, we all worked very hard. My mechanic and team manager always prepared me the best bike possible and I really like the relationship I have with everybody there! We will see what they propose me…”

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