Against “The Wall” !

EnduroGP has reached its well deserved “Summer Break” but, before going on vacation, let’s look back at what happened last weekend at the high-intensity Trentino Grand Prix in Pietramurata…

The Grand Prix of Trentino was very special in many ways, marking the first “Hard Enduro” race in the history of the championship, all taking place on a single day of racing with three different disciplines to tackle. A break of about two hours between each section allowed the riders to catch their breath and the mechanics to work on the motorcycles. During the evening break, ABC Communication organised an autograph session in front of its hospitality, which was very popular with fans, in addition to the cheerleading show. Alain & Bastien BLANCHARD also invited all the journalists present, and other championship stalwarts, to join them for a cocktail party.

In addition to the headaches and vision problems which Matthew PHILLIPS (AUS – Sherco) is suffering, causing him to miss the Trentino GP, two other riders joined the infirmary this weekend; Christophe CHARLIER (F – Beta) and Jamie MCCANNEY (GB – Yamaha). The Corsican, after a big crash in the last Cross heat, ended up with neck trauma. After a trip to the hospital he was able to return to the paddock but unable to complete the day. While the official Yamaha Outsiders rider, after a seemingly harmless fall in the Enduro Test, unfortunately dislocated his shoulder. These two riders should be back after the “Summer Break” at the Italian Grand Prix in Edolo. For his part, Kirian MIRABET (E – Honda) after a big fright in the Cross in the morning, escaped with only a few bruises and will be back soon.

Comeback Kid
In early 2018, we learned that Giacomo REDONDI (I) had decided to move to the US to pursue his career. Always helped by Honda RedMoto for occasional Italian Championship races, the 2016 Junior World Champion also announced that he would be present at both home Grand Prix in 2018. For the first of these two rounds, “RED” shined, scoring the third fastest time at the end of the Cross session and the Enduro Test session. Unfortunately many mistakes during the last Xtreme Test, put him down to 5th place overall. But for his first GP race of the 2018 season, a Top 5 in EnduroGP and his first Senior podium in Enduro 2 (3rd), have shown that the Italian still has what it takes, and could still run at the front of the World Championship.

Extremely Technical!
For this very first “Hard Enduro” style round, many did not know what to expect from the special night Xtreme Test named “The Wall”…
Of course, the difficulty was much higher than that of the usual Technomousse Xtreme Tests of the season, but there was nothing impassable and the organisation proposed many “second options” and deviations. More than the throttle, it was necessary to use technique to avoid all the pitfalls of this special Xtreme Test!

From Second String to the Front Row
After five Grand Prix, two private teams are in position to win four World Champion titles out of five! Beta Factory, thanks to Steve HOLCOMBE (GB) in E3, is the only factory team to have a leader plate…
It is the Jolly Racing team of Franco MAYR, with Alex SALVINI (I – Husqvarna) and Ruy BARBOSA (CL – Husqvarna), and Jarno BOANO’s Beta Boano team with Brad FREEMAN (GB) and Matteo CAVALLO (I) who hold the top positions. A great story for these two private teams who prove that with great passion, great things can happen!

Live Streaming
The Trentino Grand Prix came to a dramatic and intense conclusion as the four Xtreme Tests during the evening determined the winner, and ABC Communication made the decision to broadcast this special event live on the EnduroGP Facebook page, with four cameras. It was a huge success with almost 50,000 views (the number continues to climb) for “The Wall”!

Maxxis Give Maximum Support!
Many sponsors responded to the invitation of ABC Communication for this 5th round of the season. Indeed it was great to see so many of our loyal sponsors enjoy this special race with us. Marco GALLI was present for Scott Sports, Niels VAN KEMPEN for FunnelWeb Filter, Fabio MOSSINI for Just1, Leo BRANS for Twin Air, Marco BALDI for TechnoMousse, Stefano SCAGLIARINI for Sidi Sport, and Gregor ZUPAN and Peter PAVLIC from Akrapovic. In addition to this, a strong delegation of the title sponsor, Maxxis Tires, was present in Pietramurata. Augustine TING (Marketing Director) and Gary CHIANG (R & D Director) assisted by Suzy SHIH and Robin LEE and Rudy VERSTEEG and Sjoerd FOKKENS for Maxxis Europe were able to present a prize on the evening podium. Maxxis were shining at the top of the podium thanks to Brad FREEMAN and Matteo CAVALLO who bring the first victories to the tires “Made in Taiwan”. Further proof that the sponsors of the Championship wish to invest even more in the future.

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