“Always Easier to Be the Predator than the Prey!”

Nearly two months after winning his first SuperEnduro title, we had a chat with Californian Cody WEBB (USA – KTM). The KTM Factory rider is taking a look back to his great season and the very last round in Sweden…

Hi Cody, did your life change since the 31st of March?

Cody WEBB: “To be honest, my life hasn’t changed much at all. I had all the pressure off my shoulders, but it was pretty much right back to work when I got home to prepare for the upcoming extreme races.”

What happened exactly? It was not the Cody WEBB we saw from Round 1 in Poland till Bilbao… Scared to win?

C.W: “Well I won the first two motos in Bilbao and was riding well actually. Then made a mistake in the matrix and flew off the track. Next thing I know, I couldn’t do anything right! I was literally in survival mode and then had the infamous crash no one will forget. Sometimes those things happen and they all decided to occur at the worst possible time.”

Did you think during the evening that it will be a remake of 2016, that you could lose the title for one or two points?

C.W: “Yeah to be honest I started to have those feelings and I think that’s why I struggled so bad. Usually I’m a very headstrong rider and to be honest, I just fell apart there in Sweden. I was trying so hard to make things happen and it was making things worse. It’s always easier to be the predator than the prey!”

Taking a look back to Moto 2, when you passed BLAZUSIAK, did you see he had mechanical issues?

C.W: “Yeah I came by to see the steam coming off his bike and figured he had broken a radiator or something. He was a man on a mission that night and I did feel bad for his season to end like that.”

When you crossed the finish line, were you aware that you won title?

C.W: “I was not aware at first, but I figured the pressure was off a little bit for that final moto. Once they told me it was mine for sure, it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulder!”

“Malaga had probably the best racing of the season!”

BLAZUSIAK was your main rival this season. What do you have to say about him and his racing?

C.W: “He had a couple rough seasons there for a bit, but he’s back in full force now. He’s obviously an incredible rider and has that drive to be at the top. It’s great having him back and good for the sport.”

You had a really solid year… what was your favorite round?

C.W: “I really enjoyed the track in Germany. I felt like it was a good mix and I had a great showing there. Malaga had probably the best racing of the season, but Riesa was the best for myself.”

You have now made some countries in Europe and in the World with SuperEnduro. Which crowd is the most electrifying?

C.W: “The crowd in Poland is always insane. You can just hear them chanting Taddy’s name the whole time. But to be fair, the crowds big or small, always get so into it and it really helps push the riders to another level.”

We know you were going back home after each round… Was it difficult to handle the jetlag?

C.W: “Yeah the jet lag was always rough. I woke up the morning of the Germany round feeling hungover. I have a good syste now while traveling and I make the best of it. I would like to stay longer in between rounds, but I would have to move over there full time. It’s just difficult without a car, place to stay and knowing where to train. Plus all my friends and family are back in California so it would be a tough transition. I’ll keep dealing with the jet lag.”

Ready to defend your 2018 title from December, 8th in Taddy’s home, the Tauron Arena of Krakow?

C.W: “Count me in!”

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