MCCANNEY, The First Leader of the 2018 Mika Ahola “Brave One” Trophy!

For the eighth year running, ABC Communication and the FIM will pay homage to one of the legends of the discipline, Mika AHOLA (SF), who sadly left us far too soon. The Mika Ahola “Brave One” Trophy will, at the end of year, crown the rider who has been fastest throughout the season in the most emblematic test of the entire FIM Maxxis World Enduro Championship: the Enduro Test! Who follow on from the 2017 winner Steve HOLCOMBE (GB – Beta)?

For the traditional Spain-Portugal tour, the stars of EnduroGP had to face two very fast Enduro Tests… and it was Jamie MCCANNEY (GB – Yamaha) who was most comfortable in these two specials (3/1/3/5). Despite only winning one day out of the four, he was very consistent and kept within the Top 5 over the other three days.
But the rider from the Isle of Man still only has one point on his compatriot, Steve HOLCOMBE (GB – Beta), who was very strong in Spain (1/2) but had a little more difficulty in Castelo Branco (6/4) .

But these two Brits are followed closely by the first two winners of the “Brave One” Trophy. Indeed, the 2013 winner, Alex SALVINI (I – Husqvarna) is only three points behind MCCANNEY with his results (6/5/1/2), while Christophe NAMBOTIN (F – Gas Gas), the first winner of the trophy in 2012, is only 8 points from the top spot!
They must keep an eye also on Loïc LARRIEU (F – Yamaha), Eero REMES (SF – TM), Christophe CHARLIER (F – Beta) and Brad FREEMAN (GB – Beta) who all remain very threatening and capable of good results.

Finally, we must give a special mention to Andrea VERONA (I – TM), the only Junior to be present in the Top 10. The Italian was ahead of his fellow countrymen Matteo CAVALLO (I – Beta Boano), 11th and Davide SORECA (I – TM), 13th. Meanwhile, other Juniors such as Théo ESPINASSE (F – Sherco), David ABGRALL (F – Sherco) and Antoine MAGAIN (B – KTM) also hold good positions in the standings – the youngsters are on the rise!

These first two Grand Prix have proved once again that this “Brave One” Trophy in honour of Mika AHOLA remains dear to all the riders, and they put a special emphasis on being fastest in the Enduro Tests throughout the season. Jamie MCCANNEY currently holds the coveted top position, but he is under threat from several pursuers who will be keen to attack from all sides in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, on June 2nd and 3rd…

Provisional Classification: 1. Jamie MCCANNEY 61pts ; 2. Steve HOLCOMBE 60pts ; 3. Alex SALVINI 58pts ; 4. Christophe NAMBOTIN 53pts; 5. Loïc LARRIEU 43pts; 6. Eero REMES 39pts; 7. Christophe CHARLIER 35pts; 8. Brad FREEMAN 32pts; 9. Danny MCCANNEY 22pts; 10. Andrea VERONA 19pts…

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