FIM ISDE 2017 Cashless Card

For the first time, ISDE propose you a unique and innovative payment method !

Cashless cards will be made available to you at all the ISDE sites and will allow you to settle all your purchases on all the points of sale set up by the organization: drinks, ticketing, merchandising in particular. So you can consume easily and safety.

I collect my card directly in one of the cashless point on the ISDE sites, where our cashiers welcome you to charge your support of the amount of your choice. You can load:
by cash
by credit card

Tip: Take a picture of your unique number on the card or on the back of the bracelet in case of loss. With this number, you can register on to block your card in case of loss.

Cashless is accepted throughout the ISDE shop. Want to have a drink, eat or buy a souvenir? Your card is your only means of payment.

If you lose your cashless payment medium, go to one of the cashless counters with the photo of your unique number that was written on the card or on the back of the bracelet to make it blocked.

Consider consuming all the credits on your card, as these are non-refundable.

Practical: a single card to pay for drinks at the bar and in the shop! No code to remember, everything is done to simplify the lives of our spectators! Loading points are available at all venues in the competition.
Fast: Cashless payment is 3 times faster than a traditional payment!
Secure: We work with the French leader in cloud payment solutions that has equipped more than 3 million satisfied users to date.
Transparent: It is possible to track your consumption by creating an account and adding your card to

Loading: To load your card, it’s very simple: on the festival site at cashless counters in BC or cash during the festival.
Visibility: You can follow your consumption by creating an account on Simply enter your information and the 7-digit code located on the back of your cashless card.
Support: in case of loss of your card, you can block it from your browser via if you have created an account. If you do not have an account and have your unique number on the back of your card, we block it for you.

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