Tight win for HOLCOMBE !

As last year but with completely different weather, the Greek experts and fans were numerous to cheer for the stars of the Maxxis FIM EnduroGP World Championship. The usual Akrapovic Super Test marked the start of this GP Maxxis of Greece…

While the Greek spectators had all eyes on Vassilios SIAFARIKAS (Honda), as he finished with an encouraging time of 1’59’’96, the real “God” of this first test of the weekend was the actual championship leader Steve HOLCOMBE (GB – Beta). He wins his first Super Test of the season with a great time of 1’51’’21, after an epic duel with Loïc LARRIEU (F – Yamaha).
LARRIEU (1’51’’31) ended, like in Hungary last weekend, in second. Mathias BELLINO (F – Husqvarna), who lead the test for a long time (1’51’’39), completes the Top 3.

Only three riders of the Enduro 2 Class managed to enter the Top 10: Pascal RAUCHENECKER (A – Husqvarna), 7th, Davide GUARNERI (I – Honda), 9th and Jonathan BARRAGAN (E – Gas Gas), 10th. The good operation is for Alex SALVINI (I – Beta) in the race for the 1 500€ check offered by Akrapovic Exhaust. Indeed, he takes back the lead of the Akrapovic Super Test Award for one point ahead of Nathan WATSON (GB – KTM) who ended 4th, 3 tenth behind BELLINO.

In Junior, Mikael PERSSON (S – Yamaha) leads the way in front of Brad FREEMAN (GB – Beta) and Davide SORECA (I – Honda) while in FIM Youth 125cc, Andrea VERONA (I – TM) takes once again no prisoners, setting the best time over the two Husqvarna boys, Ruy BARBOSA (CL) and Alonso TRIGO (E). This Maxxis GP of Greece is on and will be white hot! If HOLCOMBE impressed, his teammate Alex SALVINI is taking back the lead in the Akrapovic Super Test Award but, the Italian is threatened by WATSON and GARCIA who’s just 5 points behind. Rendezvous tomorrow at 9.00 for this Greek first day where the weather will be difficult to handle for every ridzer. Standing : 11. Alex SALVINI 25pts ; 2. Nathan WATSON 24pts ; 3. Josep GARCIA 20pts ; 4. Loïc LARRIEU 18pts ; 5.Christophe CHARLIER 17pts; 6. Steve HOLCOMBE 15pts ; 7. Pascal RAUCHENECKER 12 points; 8. Danny MCCANNEY 12pts; 9. Mike BROWM 10pts; 10. Giacomo REDONDI 9pts…

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