European Enduro in Brioude (France) – Preview

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Since the Six Days of in 1980 the city of Brioude is a well known venue all over the world for enduro.
For the second round of the European championship, during the Easter weekend, the challenging race will be made up of three laps of the course, and each lap will be 80 kms long, with three tests.

The opening ceremony with riders parade will take place on Thursday evening at 6:00 pm.
Test 1 will be a typical cross-test with a long grass track in Civeyrat, only 7 kms East from Brioude.
Test 2 is the extreme-test in Verneuges, about 23 kms South West from the paddock. Lots of rocks and a big jump will challenge the riders.
Test 3 is the enduro-test in Brenat, about 12 kms South West from Brioude. The race is completely through the wood, with plenty of stones and roots everywhere.

The spectators will have five most interesting view-points.

For the second day, the first care will be about the clock, because on Sunday morning France will switch into the “daylight saving time”.
In this second round of the European Enduro Championship (EEC) it will be possibile to find out whether the young riders will manage to stay in front. Can the Junior riders Brad Freeman from England and Nicolas Pellegrinelli from Italy let the experienced riders behind? Reigning overall champion Tom Sagar wants to strike back and ex champion Maurizio Micheluz is not far away.

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