Breaking News: World Trophy Team cut back by two riders to four

Unconfirmed news about the ISDE in World Enduro circles what goes around comes around. Italian news from GP Enduro suggests the FIM recently agreed in a meeting in Geneva to change the structure of the World Trophy and Junior Trophy teams in the ISDE back to what they had been in many editions of the ISDT.

The World Trophy team will be cut back by two riders to four for the national senior team which is one more than was on the original Trophy teams of the ISDT between 1913 and 1932. The Junior Trophy will be cut from four riders to three, which was the same number as used to be on the original Silver Vase 1924 – 1955, its predecessor title, which was a three squad and in 1927 we saw the British Team of three women Cottle, Foely and MacLean the only women team to ever pick up the award in the 100 years of the event.

The British Men retained the Vase for Britain in 1928. This change is argued will produce a more even field strengthening teams from nations with smaller elite level riders and also reduce the burden on the National Federation budgets sending teams to the event



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