The season will be very intense and also a bit crazy!

Present during the FIM Gala in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) more than a week ago, Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL – KTM) took some minutes next to the swimming pool of the Hotel Jerez & Spa to answer to our questions before a season that has never been that full of talent. Impressions…

A virus put you out of order during a large part of the year. Can you tell us more about it?

Taddy BLAZUSIAK: “It has been a very difficult year for me. I was really tired at the of the SuperEnduro series, I didn’t really know what’s going bad with me. I was thinking that it was caused by a very long and exhausted season between the Endurocross and SuperEnduro Championships. I took some weeks of holidays after Cahors, I start to feel better but I still couldn’t recover to 100%. Then we have started to prepare to the Enduro World Championship. So I was back in training and I felt myself immediately tired, that’s where I understood that something was going wrong with me. After many tests, we finally knew what it was… But I still tried to race and I never stop crashing in Jerez and also in Erzberg. So, I’ve decided to stop. You know, with my riding style, I really need to be 100% fit to be competitive. During these tough months, KTM has always been behind me to support me; it’s really great to have a team like that. I went back on the bike at the end of September. So it’s been two months that I’m training hard and I know that I’m getting better and better. Training is going well, bike is well and I’m really motivated!”

Back on a 250cc 4 stroke after a season on a 300cc 2 stroke…
T.B: “Yes, back on a 250. During these two months, I have tested the 250cc and the 350cc but at the end, I think the 250cc is a really great bike. I will have the engine power I’m looking for. The 2 stroke was really competitive but my riding style is made to push the bike on its limits and I feel that it will be easier on a 4 stroke than on a 2 stroke.”

Will you be 100% fit in Lodz for the season opener?
T.B: “I think I’ll be 100% ready or at least not so far from this level. But with all those guys that are racing for at least 10 months, I will be clearly not in strength position. I hope I’ll be really fit in front of my home crowd!”

“I had to choose a 4 stroke because of my riding style!”

What do you think of all those top US guys coming?
T.B: “Really happy to see them back! It will give much more interest to the Championship! To have more than ten factory bikes on the starting grid, it’s really exceptional! It’s difficult to find that number of official bikes in others motorbike sports. I’m pretty sure the races will be very intense and also crazy. I’m looking forward to it!”

Who will be your biggest rival this season?
T.B: “You know, everybody is asking me this question… But I’ll not look after the others, I’ll be completely concentrate on myself, my bike is really great and I feel stronger on each day… I will just concentrate on myself and then we’ll see at the end of the first Grand Prix.”

How many times you think you’ll stay in SuperEnduro?
T.B: “To answer, I have first to ask to myself how many times I’ll stay motivated to race in SuperEnduro. As long as I remain competitive and I know that I’ve chances to get crowned again, I will work hard and will still be there!”

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