Let’s start with the compliments to our two bishops, Eero Remes and Aigar Leok for giving us strong emotions in a day, the second of race, which seemed to be started with the wrong way for the heavy downpour that hit during the night and it is continued incessant until the first lap of the race.

Eero and Aigar so have been the protagonists of the race of Talca and of the second day of competition.

The Finn riders has dominated since the first special detaching five best times of class on the eight special for grabs and gaining deserved at the end of the race the highest step of the podium.

In E3 Aigar Leok struggled with all his strength for the second final position holding head to many Top Riders and especially to the world champion in office.

The final second place of Day 2 is the result of an excellent race.

After the excellent results obteined at the Assoluti Manuel Monni instead doesn’t shine in Talca also penalized by his forms physics that was not at the top because of a strong state influence.

Despite the forces were few Manuel tried to bite the bullet and take home some valuable point.

“Happy for the result on Sunday. Since the first special I pushed very galvanized by the good grip thanks to the rain that fell throughout the night even though in the first cross test the ground was quite slippery. What more can I say, we have done a good job and we won. ”

Aigar Leok
“Yesterday I started slowly but special after special’ve reached a good feeling with the bike and the special test. Today, instead , I have immediatly departed strong despite the strong pain to the right shoulder injured but at the end I brought home an excellent second place. Now I come home and see if I will have to have surgery on the shoulders. ”

“I’m not at all satisfied with the trip to Chile. Yesterday I had the footstep to be in the top five but in two extreme I lost about thirty seconds each. Unfortunately I arrived in Talca with a strong stomach flu with fever of 39 that compromised the race, too bad because in Italy at the Assoluti I have done some good races and I wanted to repeat myself here in Talca. ”

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