EWC 2015: A lot of new talents!

After a rich season, it’s time to make a balance sheet of the 2014/2015 edition of the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship, class by class. And after the Prestige class on Tuesday, let’s have a look to the Junior class now…

They surprised

Manuel LETTENBICHLER (D – KTM): Youngest rider of the class, Andreas LETTENBICHLER son came discreetly in the SEWC… But he didn’t take to many times to show his talent! 4th in Poland, then he never get out of the podium (except in Latin America: absent) till France where he finished 2nd. Result: an excellent third rank for his first participation… For sure, he has a brilliant future!

Jack EDMONDSON (GB – KTM): Same thing for Paul EDMONDSON son… Arrived in SuperEnduro without making any noise, the Brit showed all his talent during the entire season and has signed a convincing 5th position for his first season. We could see the young EDMONDSON fighting for the podium next season!

Tim APOLLE (D – HVA): The young German was already known in SuperEnduro but we didn’t expect him so fast for his second season. A long time in the fight for the Top 5, it’s a pity that he has been sanctioned by the DMSB for the last Grand Prix of the season…

Oskar KACZMARCZYK (PL – KTM): With Pawel SZYMKOWSKI stopping, the Polish nation was looking for a new prospect… Even if the start of the season hasn’t been as impressive as SZYMKOWSKI ones, he showed a lot of consistency all along the season and adds his name to the ten best riders of the category…

Joshua GOTTS (GB – TM): Only TM rider of the assistance zone, the Brit had some difficulties during the firsts Grand Prix… Then he revealed himself in Cahors (France) with a pure 4th rank. If he continues like this, GOTTS can become a serious podium contender in the next years…

In place…

Ty TREMAINE (USA – KTM): Newcomer in the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship, the World title of the American is not a surprise. Indeed, fighting with the best pro riders in the US Endurocross, TREMAINE arrived with a tough CV in Europe… And his confirms his talent. He should have a good card to play next season in the Prestige Class…

Andreas LINUSSON (S – KTM): After being the nice surprise in 2014, LINUSSON had to confirm in 2015. And he did it well with ardour… Unfortunately, this ardour played tricks to him during the Grand Prix AMV of France as he injured himself during practice… If he stays in Junior or go to Prestige, we will have the great pleasure to see the Flying Swedes next year… if only he can reduce the pressure he is putting on himself…

Gethin HUMPHREYS (GB – HVA): One of the newcomers of last season. HUMPHREYS has been in the race for the podium until this unfortunate crash in Brazil that costs him a broken rib and a punctured lung… He couldn’t fight for the 3rd spot in France… He still has a last season in Junior and no doubt that he’ll be highly motivated to reach the podium or… the title.

Owain HUMPHREYS (GB – HVA): The other HUMPHREYS suffered a bit of the comparison with his brother but has made a really solid season, finishing in 6th. Forced to race in Prestige next year, Owain will have to fight to enter the Top 15!

Joffrey MARIN (F – Kawasaki): Absent in Poland, the Frenchie has made four solid Grand Prix and enter the Top 20… We should see him again next season!

He disappointed

Jack ROWLAND (GB – Sherco): Making an impressive start of season (3rd in Gdansk), we thought he will be a true contender for the overall podium but… a miss of ambitions and will stopped his season right after Germany. A pity as he could achieve some nice things!

We would love to see them more often

Wade YOUNG (RSA – KTM): Present only in Germany and Finland, the South African is 9th in the overall… Proof of the talent of this young gun. If his visas problems are ok for the next season, YOUNG could be one of the favorite of the class in an entire season!

Blake GUTZEIT (RSA – HVA): The second South African rider has also made some nice things in the discipline… With a 12th final position, GUTZEIT is completely fond of SEWC and already wants to come back!

Cedric TEMPIER (F – Sherco): Excellent surprise of the Grand Prix AMV of France (3rd), it seems that the French loved the SEWC and is already looking to race the entire 2016 season!

Luke FLACK (GB – Sherco): Discovered in Cahors, the Brit seems to have a certain talent for the SuperEnduro!

Romain LELOUP (F – Sherco): Injured before the start of the season, LELOUP had the opportunity to race only two Grand Prix. We know he is a big fan of the discipline and no doubt he will look for better start in 2016…

Adrian ANDRZEJAK (PL – KTM): Raised to the glory of BLAZUSIAK, ANDRZEJAK is one of the sympathetic face of the assistance zone that we hope to see very soon!

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