Enduro European Championship – Ready to start!


It is countdown to the Enduro European Championship: the start will be in Italy, in the weekend of 11-12th April, in the track of Rieti, is less than 100 km North-East from the capital Rome.

More than 200 riders have already applied in the various classes of the European Championship right now, including the reigning cham- pion of all classes, Maurizio Micheluz.

The winner of the “overall” switched onto a Husqvarna and will have a home-race in Italy. So he is still one of the big favourites. A detailed list of all participants can be downloaded at this link: ENTRY-LIST

There will be an opening cerimony already on Friday 10th April, be- fore the riders face three laps, each with three special stages in the next two days.

In preparation for the coming season it could help riders to do a lot of training, but it also may help to watch a film of the last season: En- duroMedia has cought more than 2 hours of action to an DVD and Blu-Ray-Disc.

Detailed descriptions of every race, general rules, supplementary re- gulations, entry-forms and, later on, results and reports, can be found at the website www.european-enduro-championship.com

2015 Enduro European Championship Calendar
11/12 April Rieti (Italy) – www.endurorieti.it
30/31 May Buzet (Croatia) – emkbuzet.hr/novo/
8/9 August Jämsä (Finland) – www.j-smk.net/eec2015/
30 October/1 November Rüdersdorf (Germany) – www.novemberpokal.de/enduro-novemberpoka8

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