Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Alfredo Gomez got his 2015 racing season off to a strong start by finishing fifth overall at the second round of the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship in Germany. Matching his result from the opening round of the series in Poland, Alfredo’s best result came in the night’s opening final where he placed third. Competing alongside Alfredo was Danny McCanney who finished 10th overall following an eventful night’s racing.

Showing improved speed and riding well throughout the night Alfredo didn’t put a foot wrong in the opening final. Holding third from start-to-finish he ensured a great start to the night. The reversed start order of the second final proved difficult for Alfredo, who ended lap one in eighth position. Battling hard to get as high as fifth position, two mistakes saw him drop back to ninth.

The third and last final was much the same as the first for Alfredo. Following a strong start he held fifth position for the opening five laps before improving to fourth, the position he held until the chequered flag.

Determined to improve his result from the opening round of the SuperEnduro series, Danny McCanney endured a tough night despite showing good speed. Ending race one in eighth Danny made an impressive start to the night’s second Prestige final, but following two crashes placed 11th. Finishing 10th in the third and last final Danny ended his night 10th overall.

Alfredo and Danny will next compete in round three of the 2015 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship in Helsinki, Finland on February 1.

Alfredo Gomez: “It was an ok night for me. I need to be a little more confident when it comes to overtaking. I know that my speed is good, much better than the first race in Poland, but I just spent too long behind riders. It is a fine line between pushing too hard and making mistakes and not pushing hard enough. But I want to be fighting for the podium. The first race was very good – a great start to the night. I finished third and everything went quite well. Then I crashed twice in the second final and finished ninth. Fourth in the last race was good, but I know I can do better.”

Danny McCanney: “My first race was steady. I crashed once but managed to get an ok result. I don’t know how but I almost got the holeshot in the reversed start second final, from the second row. Then in the sand corner I tried to overtake someone and hit the big tyre on the inside of the turn. That sent me straight over the bars and dropped me to about sixth. I had another fall in the log section, which was completely blocked, and then put me to dead last. It was always going to be hard to get a good result after that. I felt good in the final race and was running a good pace. In the logs I went over the bars and then got stuck in the rocks. I rode a lot better than I did at the first round in Poland, but it just doesn’t show in my result.”

Prestige – Overall
1. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) 54 points; 2. David Knight (KTM) 53; 3. Jonny Walker (KTM) 46; 4. Taylor Robert (KTM) 39; 5. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna) 35… 10. Danny McCanney (Husqvarna) 19…

Prestige – Race 1
1. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) 6.58:087; 2. David Knight (KTM) 7.:02.997; 3. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna) 7.04:427… 8. Danny McCanney (Husqvarna) – 1 lap 7.01:487…

Prestige – Race 2
1. David Knight (KTM) 7.07:099; 2. Taylor Robert (KTM) 7.09:478; 3. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) 7.15:156… 9. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna) 7.30:846; 11. Danny McCanney (Husqvarna) – 1 lap 7.21:763…

Prestige – Race 3
1. Jonny Walker (KTM) 6.50:171; 2. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) 6.51:640; 3. David Knight (KTM) 6.58:092… 4. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna) 7.00:463; 10. Danny McCanney (Husqvarna) 7.27:113…

Junior – Overall
1. Andreas Linusson (KTM) 57 points; 2. Ty Tremaine (KTM) 54; 3. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM) 43; 4. Gethin Humphreys (Husqvarna) 39; 5. Blake Gutzeit (Husqvarna) 28; 6. Jack Edmondson (KTM) 28; 7. Jesper Borjesson (Husqvarna) 27; 8. Wade Young (KTM) 24; 9. Tim Apolle (Husqvarna) 18; 10. Oskar Kaczmarczyk (KTM) 17…

Women – Overall
1. Emma Bristow (Sherco) 40 points; 2. Sandra Gomez (Husqvarna) 34; 3. Jane Daniels (Husqvarna) 30; 4. Maria Franke (Yamaha) 26; 5. Lexi Pechout (Sherco) 22; 6. Sanna Karkkainen (KTM) 20.

Photo: Future7Media

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