Husqvarna Racing News speaks to 2014 Enduro 2 World Champion Pela Renet…

One rider who’ll arguably enjoy this weekend’s GP of France more than any other is Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing Team rider Pela Renet. Crowned 2014 Enduro 2 World Champion at the penultimate round of the series in Italy, in wrapping up his second E2 title Pela is free to enjoy the occasion in front of his home fans.

Earning six hard fought day wins en route to securing the coveted E2 title, Pela’s consistency is ultimately what took him to championship winning success. A podium finisher on every day of the championship held so far, Renet is looking to end his EWC campaign on a high…

Husqvarna Racing News: Pela, how does it feel to be competing at the final round of the EWC, at home in France, knowing that you are already the 2014 Enduro 2 World Champion?

Pela: “I feel very relaxed about competing in the final GP of the season. In some ways it’s not the best thing for the fans, because they already know who the champion is so there is less suspense for them. But it takes the pressure off me. I will be able to enjoy the race and hopefully many special moments with the fans.”

HRN: How proud are you to have secured the Enduro 2 World Championship in this the first year of Husqvarna Motorcycles’ new era?

Pela: “I’m really proud of this, it really does mean a lot to me. Husqvarna is a big brand so for me to be able to give them this first world title is fantastic. Everyone in the Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing Team has worked hard to achieve this success. Husqvarna has enjoyed a lot of enduro success in the past years, to join the long list of Husqvarna world champions is great.”

HRN: You injured your foot at the GP of Italy, is that injury ok now?

Pela: “Yes, it is ok now. On the first day in Italy, in the second enduro test, I hit my foot and I felt something break inside…but I’m lucky it was a small bone and the pain wasn’t too bad. I was fighting for a world title, so that was the only thing I was thinking about.”

HRN: You’ve secured the Enduro 2 title, how hard will you be pushing to end the year as the unofficial overall winner?

Pela: “Winning the Scratch is really important to me, and something I will be pushing hard to win this weekend. To end this final GP, and the season, as the overall fastest rider will be a great bonus for myself and Husqvarna. I will have to fight against my friend Christophe Nambotin, who is equally as motivated to win as I am. It will be a very big fight.”

HRN: Looking back over the championship so far, what are your stand out moments?

Pela: “Obviously winning the title in Italy was great. But the race in Sweden was special. It was a really tough race, with a very long enduro test, but I won both days. To win in Sweden for Husqvarna was special. It was also a great race and I won the first day by a big margin. The second day at the first GP in Spain was very memorable. I won ahead of Antoine Meo by less than one second. We were fighting hard all day, and to win was the result I wanted.”

HRN: As well as wining the Enduro 2 world title you’re leading the E2 class in the French Enduro Championship. Any thoughts of a perfect, undefeated season?

Pela: “I won all rounds in the E2 class last year, as well as all of the rounds we’ve had so far this year. At the moment I’m undefeated since the final round of the 2012 season. There is one round of the French championship left and I would love to finish with a perfect season, that’s my goal.”

HRN: Once the EWC and French series is over the International Six Days Enduro will be your next big event. Are you looking forward to racing back in Argentina?

Pela: “Yes, it’ll be great to go back and race in Argentina. I enjoyed the EWC races there, so the ISDE should be really good. The goal of the French team is to win, but I also want to try and win the overall individual results as well…”

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