Don’t Miss the Grand Finale!

Just a few days after the season finale of 2018 in Rüdersdorf, Germany, you can enjoy the best moments of this Maxxis German Grand Prix with the 26 minute magazine programme on!

During this long-awaited Grand Prix, the TV team of ABC Communication and Vigneau & Co captured the most exciting action and most heart-felt emotions of the two days of racing, which were held under bright sunshine. Also witness the intense outcome of all the Senior category titles…

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What a Finale!

The 2018 season has just drawn to a close with a stunning season finale where five amazing World Champions were celebrated. We look back on this thrilling weekend in Rüdersdorf, Germany with our Paddock News…

Full of Fans
For the second season finale held in Germany in a row after Zschopau in 2017, the public once again showed their support and passion for Enduro. MC Woltersdorf had everything planned for the reception of spectators from Friday evening onwards and during the Akrapovic Super Test 5,000 people were on site to witness the madness. But the support didn’t stop on Friday night because this Maxxis German Grand Prix gave plenty of action and excitement during the two days of racing. As well as German fans there were also French, New Zealand, Australian, British and Dutch Enduro enthusiasts present to attend this final. In addition to this large crowd in and around Rüdersdorf, more than 80,000 people followed the Live Super Test on Facebook. At the end of the GP, John COLLINS, Director of the CEN, and Bastien BLANCHARD (ABC Communication) gave thanks to the Moto Club for their seriousness and professionalism… Germany is very clearly a great nation for Enduro!

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“Winning a World Championship is Absolutely Insane!”

Few days after a great final in Germany that saw Brad FREEMAN (GB – Beta Boano) clinched his first E1 title, we had a chat with him, talking about his season and the future…

Hello Brad, how do you feel as the new E1 World Champion?
Brad FREEMAN: “It feels incredible! It’s really a dream come true… something I never ever expected! It’s crazy to think I’m te E1 World Champion, following in the footsteps of some of my hero’s like Antoine MEO and Ivan CERVANTES! Winning a world championship is an unbelievable feeling, but to do it in my first senior year against all odds is absolutely insane. We worked hard this winter and showed this year we were ready to fight at every race, and now I’m a two-time world champion… it’s incredible!”

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